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If you live in Central Indiana, you know the water is very hard.
Calcium and magnesium hard water deposits from our local water supply creates issues for water using appliances like your water heater, dishwasher, pipes, faucets, sinks, etc. and it shortens their life.  Buildup and clogging of appliances will occur with hard water.  Hard water also dries out our skin and hair while sometimes making us feel itchy. Clothes and towels will look grey and feel stiff with hard water….not to mention hard water spots on countertops, faucets, and shower cabinets.
A whole house water softener from Coopers eliminates hard water, makes your clothes and towels colorful and soft again, makes your skin and hair feel great, saves you money on soaps and detergents, while protecting all of your water using appliances. It also saves you money in the short-term and long-term.
Anything over 10 grains hard is considered extremely hard water. Most all of central Indiana averages 20-26 grains hard for their water.
So a soft water system in Indianapolis and surrounding areas is a must!
Cooper’s Water gives free estimates with a water analysis when customers are looking for water treatment for their home. We will test the water, view the plumbing, and show you what we offer to eliminate your water issues.
We offer industry-leading warranties, affordable pricing, great customer service, and we bring over 250 years of experience and knowledge to bring you the best possible water treatment solutions. Not to mention, our systems are all American-made!
Many companies use Chinese filter media, knock-off parts, cheap tanks, and control valves that are almost impossible to set up.
Our systems are hassle-free and will be in your home 15 to 20 years. Big Box store systems typically last upwards of 3 to 5 years before needing disposed of, they simply aren’t made to last very long. The components are cheap and break easily, the filter media is ineffective and low quality, and they slow the water pressure down in many homes. We have a joke in our office, if you want a big box store system, we will have a whole pallet full of old ones that are only a couple years old by the end of each week in our warehouse and you can have your pick.
Cooper’s Water, a family owned company for 40 years, would love to give you a quote and show you what we offer. Feel free to call us at 317-870-7773.