Water Softeners

Cooper’s Water is a family owned water softener company that has been serving the residents of Indianapolis & surrounding communities for over 40 years! We pride ourselves on having the best water treatment equipment for a lot less than our competitors. WHY PAY TOO MUCH?

Our high-efficiency whole house water softeners use the popular Clack Digital Smart System control valve that works based on water usage and is super efficient. Many systems today use Chinese filter material that doesn’t last very long and is inefficient. We only use American made components, filter material, and control valves.
Most installations are free and we will gladly give you a free quote over the phone or come by your home for a free water analysis and estimate for your water needs.
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Water Softener

A Whole House Water Softener For Your Home Eliminates:

· Hardness
· Spots on Shower Cabinets
· Family Members Complaining of Dry Skin
· Clothes and Towels Looking Grey and Stiff
· Rust
· Buildup & Clogging in Appliances
· Hard Water Spots

We Service Indianapolis & All Surrounding Areas!

We do estimates every day except for Sunday, and we will visit you as late as 8:30 in the evening.
Industry Leading Warranty!
7 Years on Parts & 7 Years Free Service!
We know that our equipment is of the highest quality on the market today! A Hassle-Free Whole House Water Softener.

The Centaur Carbon Stack Water System removes chlorine, chloramines, and hardness all in one system.

It is great for the dry skin and eczema sufferers. This system is priced very reasonably and does a tremendous job.
The system is also popular with women because their treated hair will last longer without the chlorine.

The KDF Stack Water System is amazing!

The KDF material removes sulphur or rotten egg smell as well as the removing the bacteriological iron or sometimes called slimy iron that we can usually notice in the back of a toilet. It also appears as an oily film or algae looking material in the back of a toilet. The system also removes hardness and iron with the softening resin bed. This 2 pronged attack works very well and gives us a very clean polished water into our home.

Some of the Benefits of Soft Water

Cleaner, Shinier Dishware, Silverware & Glassware.

Soft Water Will Make Your Hair & Skin Feel Great!

Pets Benefit from and Love Our Drinking Water too!

Protect Your Water Heater, Appliances & Pipes.