Do you want great, clean drinking water for your family and pets? Absolutely!

Reverse Osmosis Water Systems are the best and most economical way to have pure drinking water on the market today.

No more bottled water! Reverse Osmosis systems allow you to have the best in drinking water right at your kitchen sink and refrigerator for clean ice and water.
So what does a reverse osmosis system remove from my water?
It removes the junk in our water that we do not want in our body.
An American made reverse osmosis system from Cooper’s Water will remove chemicals, pesticides, metals, bacteria, lead, fluoride, nickel, arsenic, asbestos, chlorine, sediment, nitrates, chloride, cyanide, aluminum, pharmaceuticals, silver, copper, cysts, algae, mold, dirt, barium, atrazine, phosphates and so many more. Many of these are carcinogens and we simply do not want them in our drinking water.
What about the “minerals” in tap water?  
Oh you mean calcium, sodium, and magnesium?  We get our daily requirement of minerals in our food. Our food provides us with ample amounts of minerals daily.
Can a reverse osmosis be used on well water too?
Absolutely, we wouldn’t recommend drinking well water without a reverse osmosis system.
Once you have a reverse osmosis system in your home, you simply won’t want to go back to tap water.
Is spring water in bottles the same quality of water?
Absolutely not! In fact, spring water has many of the same contaminants as regular tap water and the solids count is usually quite high.(not a good thing)
Using reverse osmosis water for teas, coffees, sauces, food, and cooking will taste so much better with pure water because the junk is gone.
Clear ice cubes are wonderful!  Pets simply love the pure water and it is so much better for them.
Even your kids will drink more water.
Not all reverse osmosis systems are the same! Cooper’s system is American made and provides you with the best filters and membrane for the highest rejection rates of contaminants.
Many systems on the market are straight out of China and their membrane and filters are poor quality with poor rejection rates.
Cooper’s Water, a family owned company for 40 years, would love to give you a quote and show you what we offer. Feel free to call us at 317-870-7773.